Heliopause Fleets

by Thirteen Bled Promises

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I put a spell on you, cause you are shit, yeah. Ancient gipsy words, to sell your soul and destiny. To summon the demons against you, to make you miserable, in this grave of black stone, I cast a spell on you. So the worst is yet to come, after death. Condemned to the intraterrestial lower world where they are born to perfect the processes of hurting flesh. Embrace eternal suffering and learn to live in pain, Inside this hollow earth Nebiros is waiting for you. They praise the act of others' bleeding as a way to gain purity. Telequinesis ripping bits of skin and bone from your face, burning fleshless in the planets inner sun, meeting the horrors of the unknown incandescents. Beings from the abyss we call hell, human shaped demonic forms, they are against you now, hell is against you now. I put a spell on you.
I see a kid, he's holding his eye while flies drink the discharge from his cornea. The H on his forehead melts with the warmth of the flames that slowly burn his bones. Entrails find the wrong way out through the neck and hang there letting the excrement fill his mouth and run free on the floor. His body is a portal, spread wide open, a door for the blackening shapes, war, pestilence, famine and death. Infection and sickness spread, when their presence turns tangible. Hypothalamus surrenders to the will of the organisms, from outer space. From outer space, parallel forces of great cosmic rain, horror beyond understanding becoming flesh, through the corpse of a mortal being. The impregnation of a black hole, brings the darkest forms to earth. A silent massacre. A disastrous cancer for our atmosphere. They gave us everything, prepare for extinction. They gave us everything. They gave us everything we kill. They gave us everything we burn down. You got to dig down. You got to lie down and die. You got to dig down. Far away from both worlds. Dig your own grave and save yourself. Cava tu propia tumba y sálvate.
With darkness as his only father. No echoes of his first cry. Recycled breath as the only air. Buried alive inside a corpse. Locked in his predecessor. Inside a tomb, licking the blood from a withered womb. The deepest spot in the potter's field, inside the closest coffin to hell. Inhuman creation. Entrapped by nails. Unaware of time or emotions, an unsouled being, a mistake growing underground. Unmentioned in the headstone. Against gods will. Against gods will. Found his way out the crypt, carving with bare hands at the ground. Eats his kind to survive, eats his kind to survive. Found his way out the crypt, leaving her carcass behind. Eats his kind to survive, eats his kind to survive. Life from death lives through the dead, through human meat, and bone and flesh. Now she's gone, no corpse left. So he seeks to eat another whore. He still remembers when he threw her up, an upsurge of organs, nerves, and that spate of love regurgitating her heart. The graveyard is his larder, his hideout, his unholy home. Ossuary infested by worms, full of limbs, spines, torsos and hundreds of skulls. Walks among the living, missing the warmth of her ribs. Missing the black of her eyes, the black of her all, the taste of her guts. Eats his kind to survive, eats his kind to survive. Life from death lives through the dead, through human meat, and bone and flesh.
Деньги 02:01
Where the crows watch over the sky, life manifests into something unclean. Lurid scenes of the most obscene. He has risen from the blackest of waters. As he surfaces, he draws in his first breath. An incorrigible night creature, brings an awful plight. Since he faced his merciless death. This being of flesh and blood, is the spawn of something most foul. The pungency of his odor fills the midnight air. Swarming, he ingests all who made the mistake. He will leave them dead and rotting in his wake. They are all corrupted beyond belief. In god they trust, while still being misled. In god they trust, beyond belief.
The hemolysis proves unstopable, the arteries come out the skin. Red cells collapsing. Muscles absorb it and expand, fracturing nerves. No possible interception. No way to burst its banks, the ways for death are open. An intense hatred tarnishes the skyline. The shape of things to come will be nothing but pain and suffering. Nothing but pain. Carrying the gen of genocide. We bare the forces that erradicate lies. A black line across the H. The sign to unpreach the minds. Decapitation of the icons. We are not the first ones fighting for this abyss. Scars won't mark our skin. We shall not let them corrupt the truth, inside these arcades. Awakening, a whole new dimension. Your senses erase all conections with the real world. Crossing these passages you'll feel the transformation. Your cells loose in the light of the night. In darnkess we'll rise. Ready your flesh for iron. Feel evil inside your chest. We'll set you free from your fears. Let's hear your last words. Let's hear your last words.
Before the fourth sacrifice destroyed the Orion Cygnus Arm. Before the skies were vomiting impending lights from a nearby dimension. The angular momentum of the Oort cloud changed. Exposing the ecliptic plane. Before Uranus destroyed his moons, The Sun took his core away. Andromeda witnessed his act of betrayal. They knew his blood wasn´t red. The Sun ejected him to the depths. He was forced to stay. An equinox of despair darkened his poles. Ultraviolet violence corrupted it all in the galaxy. The agony condensed on those protoplanets. The fatal consequences reflected in billions of years. Satellites, secret moons, lurking star rings. A massive conjunction of death. When planets collide, spiral arms grow, floating like stellar corpses, disturbing star formations. And darkness conquers space, expanding the obscurest density waves, arousing life light years away from us. "We all are from a small planet that orbits around a mediocre star, in the galaxy suburbs". Its collision will merge to form a giant elliptical force and at the end, that star will be left with none of the bodies that first were orbiting it.
Helliosphere 01:40
Ice, cold, aloof, stiff, my gelid being rises evil in me, as I abandon my physical form, from an astral spot. My corpse is left behind, for worms to show it the meaning of life, light swallows me, and I know there's no return. My new ethereal conscience realises what It's become, and I enter the now identified flying object to meet their forms. Psychic pressure begins to erase any trace of goodness in me, tumbling through globular clusters and blackholes, mentally drilled to ruin. For genocide I am sent. Let there be pain. Inverting the ways of creation, I have been called to destroy. Stealing their souls for the ones deep underground. My actions are felt and reflect in an interdimensional way, particules of raw hatred filtering through time and space. A nebula of pure evil, homo sapien’s bringer of death, the H was marked in my forehead, now I'm the H itself. Considered a traitor to my kind, the chosen one to exterminate, the H was marked in my forehead, now I'm the H itself and I know why, because I got high, because I got high, because I got high.
Here, where darkness was born, where plagues were born, where epidemics came from. Here, where all cults came, where scriptures were changed, where the flat earth was believed to end. We were the end of all. Rats, spreading disease, giving birth to the cast of the green blooded breed, sentence death to those against kings. The land where witches were burnt for flying agaric and drinking virgin's blood, eating new borns as the meat they are. Eating new borns as the meat they are. Purified by fire, to become black magic channels. Stainless souls used as portals, a window to witness the great Aquelarre. Here, where darkness was born, where plagues were born, were epidemics came from. Here, where all cults came, where scriptures were changed, where rain in the north never stopped. Inside the throats of their fathers they hide, the ones who conceived our flag, the same ones who call us to war to erase that never-healing wound. But soon we'll see their yellow bile, mixed with the red of their blood, filling this ignorant land with fucking melted empty skulls. This place will burn. This place will burn to the ground. Interdimensional judges are on their way. They'll feast on our bodies, as the meat we are. As the meat we are.


released May 13, 2012


all rights reserved




After receiving much praise with the albums Heliopause Fleets (2012) and The Black Legend (2015), Thirteen Bled Promises comes back in 2019 with their latest single 'The Great Fire' 🔥 An interdimensional trip to the Helliosphere, original planet of the intraterrestrials. ... more


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