The Black Legend


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Harsh creation, brought to the fire of hell. Damnation, undue appalling inadvertence. The occult of occults takes a first breath. He's willing to reveal himself. From the abyss, a point of luminescence, engenders time, yet without light. Within the darkness it starts to divide. Emanating fire, amorphous and rough. Inside its bowels a sun forms the crust, brittle and viscous the mirror is cracked. Formless. Light uncreated reflects on the spheres. The fire celestial, the first manifest. Life is created and evil descends. The heart procreated, beats with new blood. Upon the surface opacity hides eternity from the eye. Above, forecasting, they wait for the juncture to find an aperture back home. Enmity, wakes among breeds. War and misery are finally born. For us to fill nothing but a shifting emptiness. A concave planet. A common grave. Harsh creation, brought to the fire of hell. Damnation, undue appalling inadvertence. Confused lapsing omission. We weren’t meant to be. There’s a gate inside a black hole. Open halfway. We were not meant to be. Traverse the sky to nihility. We were not meant to be. Meaningless catastrophe. We were not meant to exist. Ingress the subterranean, trespass the void. We were not meant to be.
War Lord! Show yourself to be a fair judge and let their blood run red. We carve a door in the ground to let you in. A pentagram. Show us the path to guide them to their cold graves. We bow before you. Sons of the northward clash. We abstain and fast. Hear our desires. Here, joy pleads the name of your unkindness. Fill us with unholy zeal. Make their foundations tremble and stir. Lamp our feet, fit us to kill. Equip us to contend with death. War Lord! Thou who art the Evil. Hear me, hear and save. Zu zara gure gidari. Zu zara gure jabe. Erritu nazkagarri. Honetan errege eta jauna. Scion of sin,favour this pile of heads. Scion of sin, let us imbibe from the scum of their nest. Scion of sin, favour this pile of heads. Scion of sin, let us imbibe from the scum of their nest. Sentinels of death, pave this dismal walk. Escort The Tempter, through the malevolent. Lamp our feet, fit us to kill. Equip us to contend with death.
You're only human. Evil am I. And from my life are fed all fires and suns, I’ll be the doom of the divine. The father. I’ve brought together the dead. Darkness, return to me. Hatred and darkness are surely mine. Down, the mystery of pleasure and of pain. Below, the speaking ground. Forgotten mortal race. Mistake of the gods above. Misfortune of eternity. Kneel down now and come unto me and pledge unto me, as I spread death on this land. Come unto me and pledge unto me, as I spread death on this land. Come unto me and pledge unto me your loyalties, as I spread death on this land. Come unto me and pledge unto me your loyalties, as I spread death on this land. I've made justice stronger than silver and gold. Say goodbye to the light. For darkness is calling you. A galactic disarray. A humongous disturbance in time, has left reason asleep for eons. A hideous cervix of grim, holding tissue of the corrupt. As I assemble nefarious battalions, conducting the vileness to earth, revolting and spiteful animas, form new equations for pain. Don't crown yourselves, nothing's for you. Stop asking yourselves, there is nothing except what you sense. Inferior soul. Discard your fears. Let the ashes catalyze death in the blackening phase of putrefaction. Deny your finite end. Regenerate from soil.
There's forces that allow me to create cracks among strings in the core of any dimension. Sentencing sites and events to be modified forever. Forcing time to withdraw. To retreat and shut down. To fall back. A presence traversing dimensions. Paying my pledge through this fire. Propelling matter and dust into the main door. Cutting across hydrogen walls, where a godless absoluteness reaches its arms to fill the vast. A wrathful vortex pushes me towards fatality. It's almost like being born again. The spiraling mouth serves as my very craft. The darkest platform ever created in the vacuity. Sight turns into visions of hate. Approaching the tunnel. Interspacing the puzzling cavities. Perforation. Penetrating. Observant, I land as planned. To find an imperfect habitation. Motivation for ideology. Sprouting the spore of revolution. Swearing death on the dignitary, for their connections with the higher beings. Death on betrayal. The line of Apsides. Hordes of ire. Uprise, moved by animosity. Hordes of ire. I lead them to the overthrow. Assassination. A thousand blades, slice and crack, a miserable severed head. Bloodbath. Their kingdom falls. Their corpses show vexation. A flagrant fusillade. Disgusting mutilation. Renew infliction of pain. Deceptive rulers. Their organs are exposed. Observant, I leave planet earth as planned.
Beeldenstorm 04:10
Death. Red taints the pavement. Wreck. Kill. Decapitate. I see an altar, broken into bits, defecated. Libel temples, hold no truth. No nails are left in their walls. Plunder. Take it further. Raze and obliterate. Uproot and eliminate. Alliance. The fear of defiance. The father of liars. Exemption, from benevolence. The end of an era, now moulds into shape. The cyclops. His eye is blind but sees it all. Ruination, utmost. No absolution, brings immaculate humiliation. Blasphemous dismemberment. Eradication, abrupt, creates new nature. Deadly. Genocidal. Killing their concepts is needed to start again. Animus. Ignominy. Erasing their lives is required to start it all again. Sacrifice them and throw them to the pyre, so the balance can stay unaffected. The flare of the fire pierces the thick of their flesh. They are climbing on each other, pathetically lost and displaced. Blazing inglorious. Purify. Absolve. The somber alignment is complete. Calibration. The planets float defunct. Enslaved to the boundless magnet, the void. Crush their skulls, their spirits come out. Burned words on their skins, claim faith is gone. Crack the marble limbs. See darkness coming out. Carved words in thy bronze, repeat the summoning verse. Devastating the remains of idols. A cold dust from slavery is left. It dissipates, for gods are dead.
The first calcination melted in glass. An impossible solid state. Dissolute ache. A spatial stitch, now ferments. Burdens brought. A human interpolation crossing the troposphere, created permanent harm. Piercing the spheres, gnosis was put into his brain. His astronomical vestments burned. The Halo of Saturn was facing outside. The old universe allowed to hatch. The way through the planets was strict for the dead but a living being altered the scales. Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars, rot. Protons in the nucleus made 79. Adhering themselves to travel in time. Disarranging. Muddling through present and past. Secret power demoniacal. Orbits, spin beneath an ageless crypt. Stars spew the chosen one. A final stretch.
Inside of me there's an evil profound. A proto-being innate before sin. Androgyny awaits their arrival, in they fatherland. Infernal. Reduced, to the invisible, where earthly and sidereal meet. Blackness. Sublunar influence. Voracity. Swells within. This hellish hunger growls. It grumbles and moans. The course of actions. I force it down. Blood inflates my intestines. Fecalith. Blood inflates my vagus nerves. Undigested. Creeds agglutinate inside me. I ingest them divinely. This hellish hunger grows, grows, it grows. Sacred scriptures, sacred doctrines. Gone. They leave a circled thrombus. Gastric acids, foreseeing the second arrival. Roots ramify. The spectral nature perverts. The mystical word incarnates. Abdominal hideout. Lights, emanate from my stomach. My prophetic mind visions come to an end. Miscreant, my carcass unhealed, splits in two. Red spawn. Take its pages. Tear them out. Eat thy words. Taste hell. Enclosed in my entrails a bad omen's born. Able.
Driving compulsion to find a constraint. In my psyche the range is expanding. I can put the blade through his neck, but his mind won't stop vocalizing. Iron translucent reflects a new moon. Outraged, he's no longer staring. His density starts tenderizing. Their immortality is proved wrong. I see he feels the pain. Calmly, he awaits a conclusion. He feels pity for me, for they can see the future. (Siente pena por mi. Puede ver el futuro)
New Mexico. Yootó Hahoodzo. There's a breach now, endlessly bare. Their dynamics have been adapted without our consent. Imprudent, he decided to aim. A set course, directed to earth. Dry land. The crash was atrocious. His lungs cannot breath this air. Fatal. High tech treasure. Applied robotics on cells. Protoplasms, electric through sinews. Advanced machinery thew. Perfect form of existence. Alone, misplaced in the obscure. Aware of the incurable error. His thoughts keep repeating the same: Human, take my life. Slit my throat as I leak black. Surfacing doom. Old pacts, are broken down. It's final, the blunder endures. No hope. Forlorn. The wound still hurts. A complex virus adapts. Sways. It's final. The harmony is done. Downfall. This globe has never been ours. Vileness and greed were born in this world. The craving for wrath spills from space. Retribution. Hatefulness brings slaughter to our kind. Homogeddon sharpening its fangs. Radiation drools. Stellar mass obeys. Primal force. A single action jeopardizes the peace. Inconsequential. Endangered breed. Lifeforms lurk. Prowlers. Wide they spread. Rise up, build up, expand up. Become, evolve, feed. Diversion. Fateful, mortal. Pernicious mistake. Covered in tears. Hiding his body in a shed. So distressing. There's a breach now, endlessly bare. This lethal and bitter compunction, triggers the end. Imprudent, I steal his equipment. Detached from his very flesh. I killed the most pure creation. Executioner.


released December 1, 2015


all rights reserved




After receiving much praise with the albums Heliopause Fleets (2012) and The Black Legend (2015), Thirteen Bled Promises comes back in 2019 with their latest single 'The Great Fire' 🔥 An interdimensional trip to the Helliosphere, original planet of the intraterrestrials. ... more


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